Machinery Details

We endeavour to use the best machineries that are available in the industry. We thus have 30500 spindles, from KTTM and LMW, running with us and also Loptex contamination sorter to remove contamination from the cotton. The remaining machinery details are mentioned below.
We have got good control over the quality of the raw-material. Muktsar is a region in Northern India renowned for its superior quality of cotton. It is here that we have our sister concern, Muktsar Cotton (p) Ltd., in the business of cotton ginning. Most of our requirement of raw-material is sourced from here. The details of machinery as follows :

Blow Room & Cards - LMW & TRUETZSCHLER

Drawframes & Combers –  LMW, Truetzshler

Speedframes - LMW & ELECTROJET

Ringframes - LMW & KTTM

Autoconers – POLAR, SAVIO & Q pro + from Murata

Yarn Conditioning – XORELLA, RIETER

Contamination Sorter –  LOPTEX


Laboratory – PREMIER, UT6

H-Plant – BATLIBOI, AESA & Luwa