The textile spinning business of Grospinz Fabz Ltd.(GFL) comprises of 2 units of 53568 spindles. The first unit of 31680 spindles is located at Village Chaksaidoka, Jalalabad (W), Punjab. The second unit of 21888 spindles is located in Antrolivas Punjaji, District Sabarkantha, Gujarat.

The first unit is located near Muktsar, which is a region in Northern India renowned for its superior quality of cotton. It is here that we have our sister concern, Muktsar Cotton (p) Ltd., in the business of cotton ginning. Most of our requirement of raw-material is sourced from here. Therefore, We have got good control over the quality of the raw-material.The unit has latest equipment and are staffed by well qualified and experienced personnel. The facilities are capable of producing 16 million pounds of ring spun yarn per year. The product range includes coarse and medium count yarns ranging from 12/1 to 36/1. We also offer double yarns and knitted fabric.

The second unit in Gujarat is in the cotton belt and closer to the port. This unit is state of the art and produces 100% cotton yarns from Ne30s to Ne42s.

We have the BCI membership and also have the OEKO tex certification

We are also approved by H&M, Primark and can offer PSCP yarns.

We have been approved by Inditex also

We can also offer Organic yarns, have been certified by Onecert according to GOTS

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company now.

Weaving & Knitting Yarn

Our company provides great quality of weaving and knitting yarns both carded as well as combed. We also offer Compact yarns, Slub Yarns, Reverse twist yarns, core spun yarns, double yarns, eli twist and contamination controlled yarns.



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